Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sorry Melanie (Just to Clarify)

Ok so another friend of ours had done a post on the show Jon & Kate +8 and I was propt to leave my very own comment. First I am sorry Melanie I think that we are all titled to our very own opinion and this just happens to be mine. I have seen a few episodes of the show nothing all the time, but never the less from what I have watched and from other sources I have a very large problem with Kate! Almost everything that I have seen with her she is yelling, complaining, whinning, moaning, groaning and telling Jon how bad he is, and asking him why he did that and what he was thinking. Every interview that they did together she would not let him talk, talk over him, tell him what was right and wrong, and always say things that he did wwrong. Now I have not been married for as long as some but longer then most and I think that Jimmy and I have gone through alot to get to the place where we are. I have read things about it, talked to people and learned new things along the way. And I know for sure that men can not STAND women demasculineizing them. They hate complaining, and they really do not like confrentation. And most of all they do not like their flaws pointed out, it makes them feel little. Women are talkers and men are fixers and workers. If they cant fix the problem that you giving them in the way that you want them to then dont give them the task. If Kate had been thankful for all the things that he had done, not yelled or complained and made him feel like the man of the house and the man of her heart then I THINK that all of this would have been avioded. Yes it was wrong IF he cheated because there is a better way to fix things then that but she has been in for money and not her children and husband and I think that was the first problem.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Celebrating the ones that we love that are not with us Happy Memorial Day

So first Happy Memorial Day. Today is bittersweet we are sad to celebrate this day because we are celebrating the ones that are not with us anymore but we are happy to celebrate the lives that they lived, the example that they provided, and the love that they shared. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and children are all hard to loose but they inspire us by their example. We love and miss you all very much and hope that we can once again be with you.

So on memorial we all take flowers to our loved ones to celebrate them if you are lucky enough to be close to where they are. This year we are fortunate once again to be very close to 2 sets of our grandparents. So for our grandma Thelma and Grandpa Melvin I had the boys make a pot each so that we can continue to put flowers in there for them. I got a small terracotta pot and had both of them finger paint their own. The first time I tried with Maddy it was kinda problems but eventually it worked out well. Xander of course had a blast.
He even happen to make a picture for daddy with the paper that was under the pot. He loved finger painting so much that he didn't want to stop.

Getting started and not really knowing what to do. I had to shove his hands in the paint.

Look mommy i'm ok messy. ( A First)

I Love this. I am going to paint your shirt mommy!

Maddy's first try finger painting.

The mess is just getting started.

Almost done.

Finally I think he is satisfied.

So today we took some Mums down to the graveside. Since we didn't get pictures of Xander and Carter last year we took some of the boys this year.

Xander just had to rub the headstone.

"Don't worry baby I got Ya!"

Xander just had to jump up show off.

So Maddy had to be able to do the same thing. (Its a brother thing)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My boys

Xander this morning

Xander pushing Maddy and trying to get him out of the walker

So I thought that I would update everyone on some pictures and how the dynamic duo are doing. After some chasing and some running into each other Xander has decided that it is not a good idea for Maddy to chase him in the walker. However he still pushes him around and tries to take him out on his own. Its very funny how pay backs work. Xander used to run into the back of people in his walker and laugh and now Maddy chases him around the house. Xander is getting bigger and smarter and has the best seance of humor. I cant handle how funny he is and also how bad he is , but I love him. So Maddy is getting so big I have to remind myself how old he is of I look at him like he is an infant still. The time with him has gone by so fast. He is walking in his walker and crawling everywhere we cant keep him still. He eats everything all the time and he is learning so much so fast. I love them both and the older they get the more fun we have with them.

Ok so the other night Maddy was so tired and hungry that every time I went to put the food in his mouth he got so excited that he would shake and then in between bites he would scream at me, and he would make this face. Almost like I was not feeding him fast enough.

Then last night he tried grabbing for the spoon that was in the bowl and the food on the spoon went flying and it stuck to his forehead. This is how it ended up food on the forehead ans smile on the face. Just like him to smile at everything!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I think we are going to have some problems on our hands

Xander trying to get the baby out of his seat

So we have been trying to get Xander to get involved with Maddy more often and to be honest I dont know if thats a good idea or a bad idea? So now that Maddy has a walker he follows us around all the time. Well yesterday he got stuck in the hallway and so Xander went and got him out (good job baby) then all the sudden I heard laughing and running and Xander thought that he should push Maddy up and down the hallway. So then we wanted to keep Maddy in the living room so the dogs would not steal his little snack things and he did not like that. Xander was outside and heard Maddy scream so he ran in and moved the chair so that he could go in the kitchen and watch. Even though we told Xander not to he wanted to help the baby. Then when we came home from the store we had just walked in the door and I had not gotten to getting Maddy out of his seat yet so I went to take him out and Xander had decided that I did not do it fast enough. So Xander wanted to do it. I know that this is just the begining of the dynamic duo and Jimmy and I are really in for a bumpy ride.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to all of our Grandmas and Great grandmas

Happy mothers day all my grandmas

Happy mothers day grandma

So we have some of the best Grandmas and Great Grandmas out there to love us and help us. They are here for us to show a good example and help with life experiences. They are wonderful powerful women and today is a day to celebrate them and thank them. Thank you for everything that you do for us, for loving us and for being the grandmas that you are. Our boys are so very lucky to have you in their lives and they love you.

Happy Xander

Happy Maddy

The Best Mothers Day Breakfast ever

The best breakfast ever (Thank you Honey)

Breakfast with the fam outside.

I woke up this morning to my wonderful hubby pampering me by taking care of both of the boys and making me breakfast at the same time. We had the best food, we ate outside (one of the most beautiful days yet), and played with the dogs and the kids. This is the best mothers day that I have ever had. I am so grateful to be a mother and thank you to all the mothers out there that I have come in contact with that have taught me wonderful things that have helped me along the way. I am blessed with the family that I have and I love my babies.Thank you honey for everything that you do for me. Thank you for caring about me. Thank you for taking care of me right now and thank you for understanding

Xander playing with Duncan


The kiddie winks

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The beginning of a fantastic Mothers Day weekend

Love my present

So as I am changing one of the many many diapers that I change in a one day period, I get a knock at the door and I get the cutest floral arraignment from my loving Dad and wonderful stepmom. So it made my day from the very beginning. Then I got ready and went
out with my girlies and had great Mexican food and we saw "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past". Then we went to a club, and then we went for desert. You gotta love that. The beginning of a great mothers day weekend. Food, movies, dancing, girls night out, pie, and the a loving hubby to come home and cuddle with at 5 Am. What else could be that. What a way to start things off.

This is one of my favorite flowers.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Matthew McConaughey looks so good in this!!!)

My baby bird is leaving the nest

Maddy in the walker

Ok so when Maddy was sick and really little I called him my baby birs with no feathers, and that is really what he looked like. Now he is looking so good and getting so big. He is eating food, sleeping really well, drinking from a sippy, and crawling and now we are adding to the line up. Jimmy decided to suprise little Maddy when he came home yesterday with a walker for him. When we first put him in it he wasnt really sure what to do. Than when he got the hang of it trouble was on the loose. Playing with the garbage can, running into the walls, trying to chace Xander, trying to go outside, (even though there are steps). He was so happy to be able to follow me around. I cant believe that all of this happens so fast. And then Jimmy decided (since he has 2 teeth)
to give him a try at the dried fruit and the little cracker things for teethers and he ate and knawed all of then to death. So where has my little baby bird gone. He has flown the nest and I miss him.

Maddys first with the sippy

Smiley baby in the walker