Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here is Xanders new owie

So here are the newest pics of Xander's newest battle wound. As I was loading them up I started to think and the last battle wound that we had was very close to this time last year. It was in November and we had our first trip to the instacare to have his eye glued. So I think we are averaging a new SERIOUS wound about every year. We get a lot of non serious ones but the instacare or hospital trips are about 1 a year. Oh and please do notice all the other scrapes all over his face. The 2 on the forehead are from a wicker basket, the other one on his nose is from playing outside, and the one on his cheek is from Maddy.

Date night was very delayed

So as we were getting ready to go out and Xander was playing in our room and watching us get dressed. First we got some news that a very close family friend had just lost her battle with cancer and other illnesses. Then Xander jumped right on Zigen and his bad knee and right as he turned to warn Xander they collided and Zigen got his nose. So we put the date on hold and made a quick run to the instacare. a quick clean up some antibiotic cream, a prescription, and a band-aid and we were out the door. We finally got out a little late but we did get something small to eat tried to go to temple square, went to the top of the world and came home. Not the night I had hoped of but still we had some time out of the house and alone. Sometimes that's the best that we get and sometimes I am totally okay with that.

So windy on the top of the world

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tonight is Date Night and I am so excited

So tonight Jimmy is taking me on a date. I am so very excited it has been so long and with everything else that is going on it will be so nice to get out and away from everything. My birthday is in 2 weeks and I have no idea what Jimmy is planning on doing. Then to make things more fun our 7 year anniversary is 3 days later. WOW 7 years and the time has flown by. Sometimes it feels like forever and other times it feels like no time at all. Hopefully we can keep everything going and things get better little at a time. Date night here I come.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our little get togther to celebrate Maddox

Maddy's cute cake

So on Saturday we had just a little something to celebrate our Maddy Mu. Some of our friends were nice enough to help us and we had some Costco pizza some little decorations and a cake. We made up some fun games and just sat around and talked and had fun. I had called in the cake that morning and for short notice they did such a good job. It was decorated so cute. He loved his cake and he loved just wondering around in the back yard. We did spring for some balloons and he had so much fun with them. He has been playing with the red one ever since that night. The party was small and intimate but so much fun.
It is so funny a year went by so much faster then I ever thought. So after his one year old check up and 6 shots we found out he is healthy, right on track , early for some things, and doing great. He weights 21lbs, he is 31in. tall, he is walking and talking. The Dr. said that he is saying more then most 1 year old's and for him being in the NICU (which they call a prematurity) he is doing better then any NICU baby that he has seen. His exact words were "I have never seen a NICU baby turn around as fast as he did and do this well this fast" I was so happy I couldn't stand it.

Opening presents with daddy

Not really knowing what is going on

Xander watching Maddy blow out the candles

Xander and James hanging out together

Look at those cute boys

Friends saying goodbye to each other

Eating his balloon after the party.

Xander playing with the balloons too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddox One year, still not the same..............better!

The day our life changed for the better

So one year ago today I went to the hospital to have anther baby. It was on off day to begin with. I had no sleep the night before and I was not sure if I was ready, but ready or not he was coming. After a long day of labor and feeling nothing at all ( which was wonderful) things turned for the worst and we as a family had to go through something that I would not wish on my worst enemy. It is a very hard thing to explain. The looming possibility that you might loose your child is to much for any person to bare. At 4:37 my life changed in more ways then I could ever imagine. We were blessed 3 weeks later to finally bring our wonderful blessing Maddox Thomas Edward Allen home and introduce him to the rest of what his world would be. So things now are fantastic with him.
He is healthy, beautiful, smart, and loved. He is my miracle baby and even though my body will never feel the same my life is eternally blessed to have him in our life.

My Maddy: You are my little love. In so many ways you are your brothers presence in my world makes me whole. You are truly a gift from above and daddy and I are so proud of you and what you have overcome in such a short time. You are stronger then anyone I know and that is truly a gift. You are a wonderful addition to our lives and we are very blessed to have you here with us. Time has gone by to fast but we savor every moment that we have with you. We love you so much and have a wonder 1st birthday.

At 6 months

One year and so many thing later

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September and way to long with out computer access

So it has been so long since I blogged last. We have been having a tough time lately and things are starting to look up again. I did blog a little bit a while ago but nothing lately. so Maddy will be a year in 3 days and time has gone by so fast. I cant believe its been a year. He is walking already and saying so many things. He says out, bath, daddy, dogie, momma, duck, up, nanna, and a few other things. He is so different then Xander. He has his own personality and does his own thing at his own time. We are having just a little get together for him with some cake and spend some good time with good friends. We have lucked into some extraordinary circumstances, we do not know how long it will last but we are great full non the less. Anyway we are trying to teach Xander new things and he has been trying to be as helpful as he can, so when Jimmy was mowing the lawn the other day Xander was trying to help and went and grabbed the seeder and started "mowing" just like daddy. He is so cute he has the funniest fake laugh I have ever heard, and he loves to make people laugh and be helpful. I hope that those attributes stay with him forever.

Such a big helper and my big sweet boy.