Thursday, September 30, 2010


So here at the apartment (that we are in still) they are trying to make improvements so they are painting the breezeway and other various "improvements" anyway I had to take the dogs out as a usual morning thing and I was talking to my neighbor to pass the time. As I am standing there a man comes along and starts taping off the door and the whole side of the building on our side. So I have to wait. I quickly open the door just to check on the boys and leave the dogs out to finish and they are fine. They are in the bath playing in some cool water. So I run back out to get the dogs and as I do the man jumps in and finishes taping the door so I have to wait even longer. I wait and talk to my neighbor some more maybe even 5 min goes by. Finally I can go back in and I open the door and I hear laughing from the bathroom and that is never a good sign. I run to the bathroom and they have found a cup and decided to make a river on my bathroom floor. There is water everywhere, they are both naked from the waist down (except socks), shirts soaked,  and every little inch of the bathroom soaked and dripping wet. I cant wait till we have a house that we can just let the dogs go out on their own and I dont have to worry about the rivers anymore.... AHHHHH Boys I guess that's what I get.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


We all know that all things happen for a reason most of which we are unclear of but I do believe that in all things (good and bad) we are meant to learn something. Through trails and tribulations come personal strength, new beliefs, and also very important reminders come. I have learned or been reminded (through our very own trial) of the love of a family. Now please dont get me wrong, that love is something that is always apparent and clear with the 23 phone calls a day or the 10 messages "This is ____ Your ___. Where are you? I have been calling and calling and Im getting worried!!!!!!"But the love of a parent or loved one is immediately shown or served as a reminder the minute you have any problem and you pick up the phone and before dialing any number or even begin to think about the problem at hand and the first thing that comes to mind is just that you want to hear their voice. Now even though  you know that they might not be able to help everything starts to seems easier when you just talk to them. They calm you down listen to your problems (whatever they may be) and they no longer feel so big. That scary, big, huge mountain that seemed so big and completely hopeless is no longer that big and scary. You feel like no matter what you have that person to help, listen and love you, never to judge and to really care. This is real love and I could have never learned anything else from a better source of true, unconditional, total caring love then my Bonnie.

She is my rock, my source of confidence, and the best family anyone could ever have. Knowing that I have her for how ever long I have, that privilege is amazing.

I love you our Bonnie, Obassason, Grandma and everything. Thank you for being you and loving us as much as you do.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


OK so the holidays are right around the corner and I cant believe that the time flies that fast. Once Maddy's birthday is here Shawn's is next, then mine, then our anniversary, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, then Christmas, New Years then Xanders Birthday. Shortly after that we have Uncle Davids Birthday then Valentines Day then Grandma Obasa's (Obaason Bonnie) Birthday, Easter, and in the month of April we have 4 family birthdays then daddy's.  This time of the year does get a little busy.  So I have been thinking and I think its time for me to start to contribute to my families financial situation and there are some specific things that I am wanting myself. So I have decided to get a job. Not something in the house we are going to brave and fit a job for me in between and around Jimmy's schedule. So if anyone in Utah knows of anything please let me know. I also have put an application in Costco, Toys R Us, and soon at Whole Foods for seasonal work. I dont know why I haven't gotten anything sooner I think I have been lazy and now we are at the point that there is no more time for lazy or tired it just needs to happen.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So today is Maddy's 2nd birthday and I spent a long time last night getting everything for today. I ordered a cake, I got his presents, I wrapped them and I got a few decorations for today. We aren't doing anything big just a few friends for cake, ice cream and presents. So this morning while Jimmy was getting ready for work Maddy came in and asked for more bob (milk for bottle) and we ended up having to strip his bed (due to Maddy leaking all the way through his diaper) and search for 10 min to find the bob. In the process we woke Xander up and Jimmy was almost late for work. Finally we got everyone situated and back to sleep (or so I thought). I went back to sleep and didnt think anything more about it. Well then I was woken up to both boys standing next to my bed telling me how excited they were for Elmo cake and holding all the decorations in their hands. As I progress into their room I see ripped decorations and open packages and Elmo napkins everywhere. Maddy was so excited he was holding like 4 plates and ran up to me saying "look mommy, look, look, it Elmo. ELMO EMLOOOOOOOO, EEEELLLLMMMMOOOOO." With that much excitement and everything from the dollar store how can you be mad. So Happy Birthday my little guy.

To My Maddy Mu On Your 2nd Birthday:

Maddy you are a joy. You brighten the day of everyone that you come in contact with and we love you. You had the most amazing start into this life and you have shown the world your strength and will for life ever since. You are a wonderful, smart, funny boy and you have so much life and learning left to live, and enjoy. You changed my life for the better and you are mommy's little love. Happy Birthday baby boy and on this day may you be shown if even a fraction, the love and joy that you give to your family and friends. 

Happy Birthday and we love you.
Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So I havnt been feeling all that great lately. I have been really really tired like just out of bed and cant keep my eyes open tired and I was kinda having some stomach problems so I went to the hospital and they were kind enough to let me know that I had some gallstones and that would probably be my problem. So they sent me home with some prescriptions and an appointment to see a surgeon and if I had any other problems or more pain that I was to come right back. So 2 days later Back I go and this time I went to the bigger and better hospital. They did another ultra sound and said that with the pain I was having and the fact that I did have stones that it just needed to come right out. So 4am Wednesday morning I was rolled into the OR and my organ was removed. They let me eat 4 hours after surgery, I was walking 20 min after I got back to my room and I was released that night. The day after I took care of the boys on my own until Jimmy got home at 2 and I have been pretty good ever since. I am still in a little pain and Maddy jumped on my stomach today but other then that I am ok. Jimmy ha been amazing. He has been watching the boys when he can helping with everything, waiting on me hand and foot and loving me way more. The surgeon came in ant talked to me after and informed me that the reason I was so sick was because I had 10 gallstones. It has been almost a week and I now have to plan something for Maddys birthday. His birthday is tomorrow and he will be 2. So moving on. The biggest coincidence of it all is that on Friday morning the week before I had my gallbladder taken out my mom had the same thing. Crazy huh?