Friday, July 24, 2009

The 24th of July celebration

So here in Utah the 4th of July is a big thing but the 24th of July is bigger then that. There is a tradition that we do every year here in Bountiful and we go to the handcart parade and then to the carnival. So we took the boys and had so much fun. Xander got all kinds of candy, Maddy gave Jimmy his first kiss, we ate fried Brigham bread, and watched a private firework show from our backyard. Maddy and Xander wore matching outfits and we had a blast. Things are changing around here so much and I really don't know how things for the rest of the summer are going to work but we will play our cards and see what happens.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost a year and its gone by so fast

Smiling at my Mommy

Maddy is 10 months old today and I cant believe that it has gone so fast. I feel like just yesterday he was sitting in my arms smiling at me in clothes that just draped on his little body. Now he is running everyone over in his walker, trying to walk, talking up a storm and thanks to grandma Wissa we just got the My Baby Can Read system and I am so excited to get it started.Things happen way to fast and I cant hold on to it fast enough.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maddys first 4th of july

This is the first time that Maddy had experienced anything like fireworks any loud noises or anything like that and Xander has still not been around anything like that either. We did not do fireworks last year and the year before Xander only watched part of the fireworks. Maddy fell asleep before we did them this year but Xander had a really hard time with them. It was my moms birthday and we really tried to do something nice for her. I made her a collage and some cards, Jimmy and Carter went and got her an outfit, we went to dinner, got a cake and then we came home and did fireworks here. It was an interesting night and things never go as they are intended. The 24th is coming soon and around here that is a big deal. It is the day that Utah was founded and we call it Pioneer day so we are looking forward to that. We are hopeful that it will be better.