Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome to the ups and downs of preganacy.

Welcome to pregnancy

After a substandard doctor and her horrifying staff, then to a nightmare of a doctor that told me that I was going to stroke out at any time, I was guaranteed to not carry this baby full term, and I was guaranteed to get Preeclampsia she was just waiting to find out for sure, and one wonderful hospital trip I think I have found a winner. I had the most wonderful doctor and his staff in California and I was feeling really sad that I couldn't have that here. Actually it was a bit concerning. After time and a little faith I found someone who is willing to listen to me and actually hear what I am saying. Dr. Epstein is great and I feel better. I was at a point that I was concerned that I really was going to have a stroke and Carter would not be here to help and Xander would be left alone until Jimmy came home from work. Honestly that is the most helpless feeling in the whole world and scary. My pregnancy with Xander was great and very low key and with all that happened with this one I was starting to understand how these women feel that are having severe problems. Rest assure that that is something I will never take for granted again. It is such a blessing to have a healthy baby and pregnancy. We have some very good friends that had a baby that did not make it. He was stillborn and my heart breaks for them. I know so many people that have children that should not have ever had them, not that there is a problem with the child but not every person should be a parent and this couple would have be fantastic and will be some day. Thank you to everyone who helped me through this I do not know what would have happened if you wouldn't had been there.