Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Few More Months

A few more months have passed. Its crazy how fast time is going by. I look at my older posts and I feel like I just said Happy Birthday to my Maddy Moo. So a ton has happened. We got into a car accident that kinda derailed us getting set up as soon as we wish we did so we stayed with some family and friends for a while. Now we have a place and we are so happy (or getting there) We got a car. Jimmy is working a ton and we are working with Xander to get him ready for school. Maddy will be going to pre school, Xander in kindergarten and I am going to school in the fall at SLCC. Things are changing and getting better with time. We went to the festival of colors with Carter and 2 of his friends and we had a blast we are so looking forward to going next year to the big one in Spanish Fork... Maddy will be 4 in September, Carter will be 16 in August, Bonnie is in St George now and my Dad and Jen are coming back to live from Indiana. This year is pretty good better then our last 2 and we are already in July almost. We did go to the LMFAO concert too. It was Jimmy and Carters first concert and it is hands down the funnest one I have ever been to. My grandma used to tell me that the time was going to go by whether we did something or not and boy was that the truth. Just because our last year was bad doesnt mean the time didnt go by anyway. One of the best lessons I think I will ever learn. Also in a better note I am going to church again and my prayers and feeling are getting a little better little at a time. I have missed 2 times in 3 months and one was because of stake conference and I couldn't find the regional center so im pretty proud of myself. Im so super excited that my dad and Jen are moving back they are excited to be a bigger part of the boys life and doing more with them and that also means more time with me and daddy because we have someone willing to watch them. We are signing the boys up for soccer for the fall and spring and they are excited and we got a rec enter pass and I have been going to water aerobics and water zumba 4 days a week. We have all been trying so hard to be more active and i think its paying off. With all of this and doing a garden our summer is pretty packed so far and after everything we have gone through I wouldnt have it any other way.  We just got a new insurance carrier and the boys went to the dentist for the first time. Xander did amazing and has a little discoloration on his teeth but its nothing bad just a little from when they were formed. Hopefully the adult teeth will be better. Maddy was told that he has beautiful and perfect teeth. Of course he does!!!!! We are all going to get physicals and get all of the boys immunizations in order of school so when we have weight and placements we will post for sure. We will update more from now on and hopefully things will stay on this course.