Friday, June 26, 2009

The End of an Era

Toady is a sad day in the media and in life. The loss of an Icon such as Michael Jackson is truely devistating. I do not have a childhood memory that does not have something to do with or a hint of his music. He has influanced an era and changed the way that music is made and thought of. Michael you will forever be missed and your music will forever be charished and loved. 1958-2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To the friends and family of Kent and Kathy Wood

To the friends and family of the Woods: We are so very sorry for your loss of your wonderful mother. She was truly and inspiration and she was loved by all that came in contact with her. It can be so difficult to loose a loved one but when their work here is done they are needed elsewhere. Our prayers are also with your fathers recovery, we hope that it will be fast and easy. Not only from his wounds but also from the loss of his wonderful wife.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The 9 month check in on the Maddy Moo

My Sick little birdie

To my smiley face baby

To going to eat mommy and the camera

So we went to see our favorite doctor (Dr. Durham) and we had some shots, so weighing, some measuring and some check ins. After everything that has happened with Maddy and his health we knew that even though he was doing well something still could go wrong. So until we heard that we were for sure out of the woods, we were prepared. When the doctor came in and saw the smiley baby trying to walk he checked everything asked a few simple questions and told us that we have nothing to worry about. Mommy cried and Maddy smiled. Everything was good. After some shots and some crying from Maddy we headed home. So now that everything is good he is 19lbs 13oz so almost 20 lbs (so the 50ith percentile), 29.4 in long (so the 70ith percentile), and head circumstance was in the 30ith percentile. Now when we asked the doctor what that was supposed to mean he explained that Maddy is longer then 70 percent of the babies his age and heavier then 50 percent of babies his age. We are right on track for his weight but his length is kinda surprising. So congratulations to my baby you are now given a clean bill of health and we no longer have anything to worry about.

Monday, June 15, 2009

We love finding a new place to have some family fun

Xander's first time rollerskating

We went to a friends birthday party this last weekend and we went to a place here that has indoor rides, arcade, indoor roller rink, movie theater, and indoor mini golf. Carter was so amazing, he helped with all the kids and was so great. Xander went roller skating for the first time, mommy went rollerskating (even though daddy was very mad) We took Xander on the roller coaster, he loves the merry go round, he went on the bus ride and we all had so much fun. Next weekend Jimmy, Xander, and Carter are going to go and spend the day for a boys day for Fathers Day. We are so happy that we have found another place to go and have fun, we love that Carter was so helpful and we are so glad the Xander and Maddy were able to have more firsts.

Xander Rollerskating looking at mommy

On the Marry go round with daddy

Xander and Guncle

Monday, June 8, 2009

The family trip to the park

Xander and Guncle Carter sitting on the bridge together

So now that Carter is here we are trying to have as much fun as we can (under the circumstances), and lately we have been trying to take Xander and Maddy to the park every evening if its not raining. So we took some pictures of all 3 of our boys at the park. Xander is doing so well he goes down the slides all on his own, Maddy reluctantly goes down to one of us catching him, and Carter was playing with Xander and having fun.

Not quite sure if he likes this yet

Now he is liking the swing

Talking to Mommy

Now enjoying the swing

Swinging with daddy

Friday, June 5, 2009

Life Is Crazy

So life has been so crazy lately. The boys are growing so much and so fast Maddy is jibber jabbering more then ever now, Xander is listening so well lately and has loved the fact that we have been taking him to the park to play, then dogs are still crazy and we just found out that our landlord is selling the house so we are looking for a place to live now. Its been hell actually. We are trying to be out of this house by the end of the month so we have been trying to see as many houses as we can as fast as we can, the realitor is trying to get as many showings in the smallest amount of time. He is so rude and pushy that I cant stand it. Things have been turned upside down in the matter of a week. Anyway on a brighter note Carter is coming to visit for the summer and we are so excited that we cant stand it. He will be here tomorrow and we have so much stuff in mind for the summer it will be so much fun to have him here with us again. We feel like when he comes to visit that the whole family is back together again. So Welcome Home Carter.

My little man so big in the car seat.

My little all American boy

The massive cookie that Jimmy made and gave to Xander to play with.

My little duckie in his cute little robe.

My baby in his car seat growing so much.