Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We finally made it. After a long trip, an accident, staying overnight in reno because of the closed pass, a birthday party, and driving all day again we are in California. Somewhere along the way Jimmy and I decided that we are in desperate need of a bigger car. We had so mush fun for easter. We had a wonderful dinner, an easter egg hunt in the backyard, and spent time with family(pictures to come). Then next day we went to Sacramento to see other family and spent some much needed time together.  We are looking forward to this weekend and going to Monterey on monday of next week. If you ask Xander what we are doing on Monday he will tell you we are going to see the fishies. He is so excited. I think I am going to try to get in touch with an old friend and see of we can see each other. Well see I guess. Sorry that we have not been better about posting all along our trip. I will be better and I am going to be better about pictures along the way. The weather is wonderful here and we have got to find something for the boys to do. They are going stark raving mad. We will keep ya updated. Oh and BTW dieting on vacation never works. I feel like I am so bloated its not even funny. I need to try harder. Well see what happens.