Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Family Outing

Thursday was Jimmy's day off and we wanted to do something fun with the kids so we tool them to the rec center here. Oh my gosh please let me preface by saying that that is nothing like I remember the bubble and that what it used to be called but it is very nice. Xander was so cute in his little swimmy diaper with his swim trunks and matching shirt. So Carter ran off to play and Jimmy and I got in the Lazy river with Xander and he freaked out. I dont know that happened he just lost it. It took him so long to get used to being in the water and walking on his own Carter, Jimmy and I tried everything we could. Finally after much clinching on to mom and this kinda whimper thing he let go and tried it on his own. I think he swallowed the whole kiddie pool. But he did it and walked on his own and even when the water went up to his chin. He was so funny. He is still kinda nervous in the deeper water but it much better. Jimmy and I decided that we need to take him more often and get the new baby started earlier. You know its funny a long time ago I though that that I didnt want a big family or even more then 1 child but I love spending time with my boys. I am not sure how well I am doing for them but we sure are trying. I think it is a constant work in progress.

New Update On Baby And What Dr. Says

My last appointment was not just a Dr. visit it was accompanied by a hospital visit. The hospital visit was no big deal but it was something to be nervous about. I was sent for an extra visit to the office of the Maternal of Fetal Medicine office. First of all they were all very nice and the office was nice as well which for some reason holds a lot for me (Kinda weird) anyway, they did a ultra looking for the amount of amniotic fluid that I have and if the baby is getting enough blood. The amniotic fluid looks good it is supposed to be in between a 10 and a 24 and mine is a 14.4 and the doctor says that that is fine. Next the baby had enough blood and is doing well. I guess when mother have hyper tension they have a chance of having a low birth weight baby and they told me that little (******) is weighing in at 3lb 12oz and is in the 60th percent tile and doing well. My blood pressure when i first went in was 135/75 then went to 167/91 then by the end of the appointment it went to 159/87. The did do a non stress test and he did not like me having that monitor on at all. He would not hold still and he kept kicking it off. Finally the nurse had to come and push it in and hold it in place. Which is no surprise because he kicks all the time and Xander sis the very same thing when they tried to get his heart beat. Dr. Jackson ( the MFM) decided that for right now it would be best if I was to come to the hospital once a week for the non stress test (NST) so I will be tracking that way once a week. That evening I went to see Dr. Epstein. I have gained a whole 2lbs which I was trying to avoid but he said that in this stage it is normal to gain something. Their was negative protein in my urine which is FANTASTIC and the baby is looking great. After reviewing the test results from the hospital Dr. Epstein decided that at this time with my blood pressure fluctuating as much as it is it would probably be smart not to put me on any medication. He is afraid to medicate me and then me getting to low which would be worst for the baby and me. Since I am now going to the hospital once a week Dr. Epstein took pity on me and gas prices he told me just to come and see him every other week not every week. So that is better. Just a little tidbit of info the baby is breach and they kinda tried to move him and he just likes where he is so much that he will not budge. The Dr. says that right now thats ok but he does need to turn soon. If not then we might be looking forward to a C-section. So we will see.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pregnancy update and Our forth of July weekend

Well first thing is first I did get my test results back from my glucose test and I have no Gestational Diabetes and they also tested my hemoglobin and protein and no more anemia, and despite what Dr. Laine said no Preeclampsia. So in other words everything is great. I am still am a little tired but I guess at this stage of everything that is expected. As for the forth of July we went to Wyoming the ****hole of the world (sorry). Going back after so long made me wonder why I ever lived their for that long. It really is 4 exits of nothing, and white trash to boot. Not everything about it is bad we had a great time and I got to see some people that I had been close to and not seen for a while. Carter is still there and having a great time. He is doing football camp and basketball camp and swimming and everything else under the sun with his friends. Xander had fun and played at the park and with some of the kids. Jimmy got a chance to meet everyone again and I kinda felt like I fit there for that event a little so it was nice. I did not do karaoke this year despite everyone asking but since I got sick my voice is just not the same. It was so nice to have Jimmy for a whole 2 days without him having to worry about work but the poor guy goes back and wants to kick himself for taking the time off. His crew are all idiots and cant handle anything without him and it not all their fault he just has such high expectation and wants everything perfect that they just cant keep up. In case you were wondering his job is great and hopefully in the future he can apply to be a regional manager and not have quite so much stress from one shop it will come from many ;).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My boys and their sillyness

The boys were looking in on me the other day while I was cooking dinner and they thought it would be funny to smush their little faces in the window while asking what time dinner was going to be done. They bring such joy to Jimmy and I and they both have the best sense of humor and love of life. We are so excited to add another boy to our growing group. I am kinda sad though I am the only girl and I feel kinda left out and
so not boyish.