Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Firsts

So after the wonderful doctors appointment and everything going so well we did decide that after eating 7oz every 2 hours that he might need something else to eat, so we started giving him cereal. Last night was our first try and it was interesting to say the least. Xander did start eating cereal at about this age but for some reason it was a little different. Xander was very ready and was eating his spoon.
Xanders first eating session

This time is was a little different. Maddy was not really sure what to do with the spoon and didn't really want to chew and swallow the food. When I talked to the doctor he said that he was totally ready so we tried. It did take some time but it is going better. We are going to try again tonight and see what happens. Yesterday I was a baby that was very new and I cant believe that Maddy is not that size anymore.
Maddy's first eating session

And I still say that they look so much alike that its kinda scary. I thought that they would look alike but not this much.



Friday, January 30, 2009

Yeaaaa for my Maddy Mu

So today was the 4 month check up for little Maddy Mu and things were great. He now is 26 and half in long (pretty long) and he now weights 15lbs 1oz. We are all so pleased.The doctor said that his progress is good and he is about where he should be. After a breif wailling session and 3 shots our little trip was over only to be finished by a 45min wailing session once we got home. I dont know if it was because he was tired of he hurt but I have never heard him cry that way and I dont think that any child should ever cry that way ever again. After the crying he fell asleep and just relaxed in my arms and let out a huge sigh of relief. So since it has been a while since I have blogged Maddy has decided that he no longer wants to lay in the same spot and he has found that he likes rolling over. It is kinda early but nevertheless very exciting. I know that I say it all the time but the time that we have with out children flys by, they grow so fast and nothing is ever the same.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life how we know it

So life how we know it is changing so much. Jimmy is working now more then ever, family is starting to come and visit more often and I am going to be starting work and school soon. I am not quite sure how everything is going to work out but somehow I know it will. Maddy is doing great Xander is growing so much and thanks to Grandma Sue he is saying so many more words and talking so much more. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dale just left after staying for a few days and spending some much loved time with all of us and bringing us some furniture, Poppa Tom is coming next week to see everyone and see Maddy for the first time and Tia Pamela is here now visiting and giving mommy some much needed adult time and conversation. Some time I cant believe that I am a 24year old mother of 2 and a wife of 6 years to a wonderful man and father. Life Is Good.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Happy Birthday to my baby boy Xander. How the years fly by to fast and oh what they bring. We had a party for him here at the house. Our friends Robert and family came over to share in the fun and my wonderful mother in law was here to celebrate. We had the cutest cake, banner and everything else CARS. He was so excited and everything he got it was so much fun. I cant believe that he is 2 already and that he is getting so big. 2 years ago at 6:37pm my life changes forever and it was never again to be the same. I love being a mother and the joy and blessings that it brings.

Xander: Mommy and Daddy love you so very much. You are one of the most special gifts that we could have ever gotten. You are wonderful and we look forward to so much more.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Maddy at 4 Months

Maddy is growing so big so fast. The last weigh in that we had was about a month ago he weighed 11lbs 2oz. and since then he has grown so much. He is one of the longest babies that I have ever seen and he is getting so chunky. We are so proud of him and how well he has done. He is so beautiful, so happy to be alive and so full of life. We are taking him for his 4 month check up and we will see how much he weighs then. If anyone has any predictions please weight in (haha). Who ever gets the closest gets a prize from us. So here are some of the latest pictures of the little butterball ( love it). And for some little tid bits he is already holding his own bottle, he is almost sitting by his self and almost rolling over on his own too. Xander is going to be 2 a week from tomorrow and time goes by so fast I cant even breath. I know that I have said that before but I cant believe it. Some time this week we are going to kiddie kandids to get pictures of the 2 of them so we will post when we get those.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our boys

So this is a new year and Jimmy and I have come to the conclusion that this year has got to be a better year then the last. Yes we have been so very blessed this year with Maddox and everything that went well so that he and I could come home safely, Jimmy has a great job and it is stable and in this economy that is a blessing alone. Xander is healthy and growing well, about to be 2 and getting cuter by the day, but as for the rest it has definitely been ups and downs (sometimes more downs then ups) but we know that this year will be better. We have 2 beautiful healthy boys that we love more then anything and we have each other. I am convinced that each year brings new trials and tribulations and they get more interesting as time goes by but I think that the saying "What does not kill you only makes you stronger" is so true that it almost hurts. The boys love each other and keep us entertained and things will progress. Just a side tid bit I put Xander in the crib the other day with Maddy and he thought that it was the coolest thing and then he started to pose for the camera (thats my boy).