Monday, August 25, 2008

Xander is growing so fast and I cant believe it!

Last night was monumental. Xander had his first haircut and slept in his big boy bed for the first time. Mommy cried of course. We said our prayers Jimmy and I tucked him in and we left. he only cried for about 5 minutes straight then for about 20 off and on but after that he was fine. We think the reason he did so well is because we have told him every night even when we put him down in his crib that it was nigh nigh time and we loved him and we would see him in the morning and he would go to sleep. After a short time I went in to his room and made sure he was covered and kissed him again. At about 12:30am I heard a big thud and the poor guys had rolled out of the bed. When I walked in he was getting back into the bed. I laid with him for a while and he would not go back to sleep. Finally he did and I heard him walking around and talking to himself this morning after some cuddling this morning he was fine. We also had our first nap in the bed today and that consisted of crying for about 10 minutes and then asleep. I dont know why I was so afraid. He is doing so well and I only hope that that behavior continues when the new baby comes. I have heard such horror stories on how kids change when they are not the center of attention anymore and I hope that my little angel stays the same. About the hair cut, he did so well he did cry for a little while but after mommy singing to him and playing with him while daddy shaved him he was fine. He looks more like grandpa Tom now more ever. His hair is so light and his head is so perfect that he looks kinda like a cancer patient ( and I mean that in the best sense). He is so cute running around now :) His big blue eyes stick out more then ever. I cant wait to see the new one.



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now at 36 weeks and I didnt even realize it

OK so my last stress test went very well and we even saw him on the ultrasound and I think he looks just like Xander. He is doing well and growing just like he should. They measured and they predict that he weights about 6lbs 8 oz which is big for us. Xander was 6lbs 6oz and that was perfect. Anyway so I still have to do the tests every week which is a pain in the ass but I guess we could have it worse. I was told by the doctor that some women have to come in everyday. If that happens please kill me. Dr. Epstein was fantastic as usual. He checked and I am not dilated but I am soft so he said since I am so close that I could go at any time. When he said that I was surprised because I thought that I was 34 and 6 when I saw him and come to find out I was 35 and 6 almost 36. Now I am 36 and 4 almost 37 so this blessed event could happen at any time. I do have another appointment with Dr. Epstein tonight and I have another stress test tomorrow afternoon so we will see from there. I am getting contractions here and there but they dont stay. Our friends April and Robert had their new baby boy and he is so sweet. We went to see them in the hospital this weekend and he is precious and she looked great. I only hope that I can look that good the day after I have this baby. WE are still working on getting everything ready and I feel as though I am going to rip my hair out or just rip in half. We have gotten all of his clothes washed and ready and I am working on the car seat playpen and finishing both of the boys rooms. We did get Carters stuff packed and ready to go but now we need to figure out a way to get all of it to him. He starts school this coming up Monday and I would like him to have most of his stuff by then but we will see.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New things happen all the time

So the new thing in our life is that Cater went home for a visit and decided to stay. I never realized how much fun we had together and how much time we really spent together until he left. I know that he needs to be near my mom but we really miss him. He was a wonderful addition to the family and he will always have a place here. Pammie did come for a visit and we had such a fun time. We went to lunch and spent the week together and had fun. So now its just Jimmy Xander and I here and its so quiet. I did have another stress test last Friday and I did have a small amount of protein in my urine but my blood pressure was good so they said that we will wait and see what happens next week. The little stinker would not hold still though. They did get him on the monitor but he was so riled up that his heart beat had a base of 155 and it is usually 135. We had to wait for 45 min to see if he would settle down and go back to his baseline. Right before they took me off the monitor he finally started to calm down. My fluid levels are good, and everything was good. This week I do have another one on Friday and I will keep this updated better. I also have a Dr. appointment on Friday with Dr. Epstein and an ultrasound. We will get to see him again and they will tell me a round about figure on how much he weights. The last ultrasound he was 3lbs 14oz about so we hope he is bigger but not by to much. Momma could not handle that. We are looking forward to getting the house ready for the new baby but that does in tale packing up Carters stuff and sending it to him, moving Xander into the bigger room and I am not sure if my hormonal moods can sensitivity can handle it. We have to deal with the realization that Xander is growing up and Carter will no longer be here. I know that we will be ok and I am just freaking out over nothing. Carter is happier with my mom and Xander will grow no matter what. I think I am also getting afraid of the new baby coming and if I am going to do well or not. Any advise would be welcomed with open arms.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekly Update on Baby and stress test

Well I am nearing the end kinda. I am now almost 33 weeks and I am a full 8 months. I am feeling very tight in my stomach and tired all the time. Dr. Epstein is so very nice about it. He told me that the only thing that he can compare it to is when you work a full 8 hr day of a manual labor job and come home at the end of the day exhausted is how i feel when I wake up in the morning and then to make my day better I still have to function for the day and then at the end I am more exhausted then ever. So as long as I keep an open mind and realize that it is normal I will be fine is what he said. Any way my stress test is the same and as boring as usual. He is doing very well and moving well. His head was a little low when I went in and I did have 2 contraction while I was there. It is a little early to be having contraction but they were little and unless I have more they think that it will be ok. My blood pressure was good it was 148/89 and then the last time they took it it was 142/85. I did have an appointment with Dr. Epstein as well. He said everything looks good I lost another pound which doesnt matter to much being that my last appointment I had gained 2 so one more to go. He also told me that the weekly stress test were more of a recommendation then a requirement, and if I felt a lot of movement that week and I felt well and my blood pressure was doing well that I very well could go every other week. I already have the next two weeks scheduled but I think that if those go well then I might change then. After I hit 36 weeks I start going back to Dr. Epstein's office every week anyway so we will see. With Xander and Carter here and Carter starting school soon and me having to use Sharon's car I feel guilty going every week and its hard. So like I said we will see. Yesterday I put Carter on a plane home for a week and I am worried about him not coming home. He called when he got there and my mom said that he is tall and getting big but he is still fat so that is something that we have to work on in the future. Just to let everyone know he is taller then I am now and is down to about 155-160. She is still mad at me because she asked to come back and I told her that right now was not a good time. I really dont know what to do when the baby comes. We will see. Hope all is well for everyone else. We will update soon.