Sunday, December 28, 2008

So different but so the same

The other night I walked in to check on Maddy and I saw this position that he was laying in. It was oh so familiar. Ok so Xanders was taken on February 3rd 2007 and he was about 3 weeks old then Maddy's was taken on December 24th and he was about 3 months old. Xander was a little bit younger in his picture but its all the same. Its so funny sometimes they are so much alike and sometimes they are so very different. Maddy is so very different then Xander was. Maddy needs so much more love and attention. He talks all the time and laughs so much. Xander is getting a mind of his own and getting into that terrible 2 stage. If anyone has any suggestions they would be very welcome but we are excited to get to know Maddy and see what he will be like at this stage. With Xander their as a big brother (influence) I am kinda afraid. Xander


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sants was not our friend this year

We took the kids to see Santa this year and it was very different then last year. Last year he was so happy and fine with everything but this year the minute that we walked in the girl that was taking the picture asked if we were prepared for him to cry and we thought he might cry but nor scream. Oh man it was bad. We tried everything, Carter sat with him Jimmy tried to sit with them, Jimmy even tried sitting in front of him to get him attention away but nothing worked. Maddy on the other hand just sat there and did nothing it was hysterical . They looked so cute that we got pictures. Every year they change and every year is different.

The worst snow storm in 10 years

Our back yard

So on the way home Christmas night we encountered such the storm. We were driving on the freeway and there was at least 9 in. of compacted snow on the freeway alone. After fish tailing all the way home on the freeway we had to make it up our numeroius hills to get to our house. If any of you have been to our house you know how bad all of the hills are. Anyway after getting stuck halfway up one we had to make at least 12 tries to make it up the other. After trying and failing we slid all the way down and tried another hill on the other side of the city. On the way up we slid out again and a very inpatient SUV tried going aroud us and the wind and him whipping around us we did 2 full circles and headed right into the snow bank and the curb. Jimmy tried flagging 4 cars down one of which was a tow truch with a plow on front of it finally another truck stopped to pull us out. He was trying so hard to pull that when he took off he pulled the front grill and passenger blinker right off. After he pulled us out he followed us to our friends house to make sure we made it ok and we had to invade her house at 1 in the morning. We finally made it home at 11:00am the next morning, mind you we had left at about 2 the afternoon before. What a ride and oh how much fun.Our Deck

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all. We hope that everyone had a good day and spent time with the ones that they love. We had so much fun. We woke up that morning and opened presents and ate some yummy breakfast casserole. Then after going to see some loved ones we had a very interesting trip home. Xander had so much fun Christmas morning he opened all of his presents and played with everything. Maddy really didnt know what was going on but he still had fun. We loved having Carter here and even though it was a tight Christmas I think that Jimmy had a good day too.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our New Tradition

Well I think that we started a new tradition in our family. Grandma Jen has made it her job (thank you grandma) to buy the boys an ornament for their first Christmas. They really are the cutest things and we have so much delight putting them on the tree. Our new tradition is taking a picture of the kids holding their ornament so that we can see how much they have grown in the last year. So here is this year. Holding His Ornament

Xanders 2007

Maddy holding his

Baby's First Christmas 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How we love cheap entertainment

I don't know why but kids just love the cheapest forms of entertainment. Tonight Jimmy brought home a box from work for extra storage and Xander thinks its the best thing in the world to fill it up with the various and many Lightning McQueen's that he has to play with then push the box around like it is a car. Then after running around the house pushing the box like he is a mad man he then proceeds to take every single one of them out and start all over again. I know that no matter what we get him for Christmas or his birthday he will like the packaging better then anything. So HOORAY!!!! for the very "inexpensive" entertainment sources and the wonderful joy and diversion that it creates.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Fight for breastfeeding

As many of you know I have had a little bit of a hard time with the breastfeeding. It started with not pumping right after I had Maddox (with some of that to blame on the nurses at the hospital) and then the stress of Maddox being sick and in the NICU. Then there were some other things that happened to slow everything down. The loss of a helping sheild, the breaking af 3 pumps, and the cost of medicine have not helped. After 2 medications and the help of a few other things we did establish what was needed to continue the flow and probably after some time increase it. But to our dismay we have concluded that it is intirly to expencive to continue. Mommy is very disappointed but I am proud that I did breast feed for 3 months and I was so very dilligent and worked so very hard. It is a hard fight to concide a lose to but I think we are learning so much as we go and maybe on the next one we will make it. Xander was only breastfed for a small amout of 2 weeks and he is no worse for the ware. We will try again next time and hope that it works out then.

Weight in on Maddy

So we went to the doctors the other day and Maddy is weighing in at a wonderful 11lbs 2oz. We are so proud of him. He is getting chunky and no longer has that bird look. He is always happy and giggling. Play time is so much fun and he is already trying to roll over. Having the 2 boys so close together is so much fun. Xander is as bad as usual but we love him just the same. Getting into everything and causing trouble is just in our routine now. Christmas is coming and I think I enjoy the time right now while their young and they dont know the difference of not getting a million presents or just a few CARS things. We need to cherish these things while they last.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The love of brothers

Yesterday while we were getting ready for the doctors office Jimmy was trying to kill 2 birds with one stone and he gave both the boys a bath at the same time. It was the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Xander was not quite sure in the beginning but ended up to be ok with it. He is so sweet and loves that baby so much that he wanted to help Jimmy. All the sudden Xander picked up the brush and started trying to wash Maddys hair and face. He brushed so soft and then he looked at Jimmy and I and smiled so big. He was so proud of himself and we were to. I am so proud to know that Jimmy and I have done a good enough job with him so far that he would want to help wash "His Baby" and do it so very soft. We love our big boy and could be happier with his progress.

How time fly's

Oh how the time fly's. Today Maddy is 3 months old and Jimmy and I have been together for 7 years. & years ago today he picked me up in his cute black car and swept me off my feet. I really cant believe that it has been that long. When I first met him I really liked him but I never thought that we would be together that long, At that age it didn't really seem that it was possible. I am so glad that I changed my mind and that he did too. We really are in love and I hope that it lasts forever. I know that sounds cheesy but I really do want to be with him for that long. I cant believe that Maddy is already 3 months. That time has come and gone in no time at all. My scar is healing well and so is Maddy. We had a weight check today and he is a whopping 11lbs 2 oz. He has the cutest double chin ever and he is starting to look even more and more like Xander. We are kinda looking forward to Christmas but with things so tight we wish it was better. We are going to put our Christmas decorations out tomorrow and hopfully get the lights up too but it did snow today so we will see.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. There are so many things that we are thankful for. We are so thankful for our little gift Maddox Thomas Edward Allen and that we can be a complete family. We do miss our Cater. He did complete us last year and we wish he was here this year, but we know that he is happy at home. We are so very thankful for our family even though most of you are not here. We do miss you all very much and wish you were here. We are so thankful Jimmy’s job and how hard he works to support our little family and we are thankful that our year has gone the way it has. It has been difficult at times but none the less wonderful at others. We are thankful that Maddy is doing well now and Mommy it too. After what happened to get him here this certainly is the payoff.