Friday, February 20, 2009

Totally thankfull for children

I think that you definitely have to be thankful for having children. For some reason they have the funniest way of making things a little bit more complicated then they need to be. Today after a pretty good morning Xander decided that he was going to have an accident and it would go everywhere. So after a bath and then a nakee baby running everywhere we then thought that it would be funny to bring mommy her glasses while they where on his face. After running around after him for a minute or two I finally got him and the glasses and then after the lunch feeding, book reading, bottle feeding, 2 diaper changes, and a rocking to sleep I finally had about an hour and a half of quiet and time to my self. And then for some reason the time goes by so fast that you don't get anything done. You just sit.I don't get it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Best Valentines Day EVER

Thank you all that were involved in this Valentines day. The Night was wonderful, the Sushi was wonderful, the morning was wonderful, and the afternoon after was wonderful. I loved not having to worry about anything and having some bit of freedom for just one night. The time that we spent together was priceless. Happy first Valentines Day Maddy, Happy Valentines Day Xander and a Very Very Happy Valentines Day to my love.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to the man of my dreams

James Edward Allen Jr. the man of my dreams, you are the most genuine and loving person that I have ever met. You fulfill my life and make me whole. The life that we have built together is wonderful and gets better everyday. The love that we have for each other is truly pure poetry. Thank you for the things that you do for our family and the choices that you make everyday. I am very proud of you everyday, you amaze me. Thank you for making me the mother of 2 of the most beautiful and caring boys that have ever been created. You have given me the most precious gift and I treasure every minute that I have with you and our family. I appreciate you and I love you. So please on this day of love and admiration know that our love is truly something to be celebrated. To my life, my love my Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day my boys!!!

My Xander love and my Maddy mu: you are two of the most beautiful blessings in our life. You make mommy and daddy so very happy and to watch you grow up and have the privilege to teach you things is truly a blessing from above. You are everything that I have ever wanted for children I wouldn't change anything about you and I am already so proud of you both for the mile stones that you have overcome and I know that the fun has just begun. Thank you for filling our lived with love laughter and joy. Thank you for choosing us as your parents and touching our hearts the way you have. Please continue being you both of you and know that you father and I will always love you and support everything that you do. Happy Valentines Day to you my sweet Xander and Happy first Valentines day my smiley Maddox.

My sweet Xander please dont ever change

Because he belongs to Jimmy and I, I think that we are a little biased but I really think that Xander is the sweetest little boy that I have ever seen. During the day he will randomly climb up on my lap and lay his little head on my shoulder or chest then out of nowhere he will look at me put his hands on my cheeks and sweetly and softly kiss me then hug me tightly and put his head back down and cuddle some more. He has to say goodnight and kiss the picture of Sally from CARS that is on his toothbrush every night, he tries to pick up Maddy and carry him around, he kisses him and hugs him goodnight all the time for naps and bed time, and he even shares everything that he has with Maddy. Sometime I even catch him trying to shove some peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his mouth and even trying to give him some water or chocolate milk from his sippy. He loves Jimmy and everyday that Jimmy comes home from work he runs to the gate at the top of the stairs and yells "dada home". Xander my love please don't ever change you are the sweetest little boy that I have ever met and you have the softest heart too.

My little boy growing so fast that I cant breath

Well tonight was another mile stone in my little Maddy's life. Not only did we accomplish one but two. He was so happy and didn't even realize that he was smiling at me and having fun and just rolled all the way over. A whole 360 how proud we are and we could never describe the feeling of watching a baby accomplish something so minute but so large. Then later on in the evening Jimmy wanted to see if he would fit in the bouncy and what he would do (even though I told him that he wouldn't fit). Right as we put him in he was all smiles as usual and started playing with the toys right away. He is now 5 months old and the time has gone by so fast. I feel like he just got better and not he is rolling over, trying to sit up on his own and kinda jumping in the jumper. The things that happen are so miraculous and happen so fast that I don't know what to do but try to hold on as fast and as hard as I can.

Hi Mommy I'm in my bouncy


Maddy on his 5th month birthday

Monday, February 2, 2009

New forms of entertainment

As you all know when you become a parent you get a whole new set of rules. Not only do you never really get time for you but if your married then you never really get time with your partner and you are destined from that moment on to have a new definition of fun. So last night after the Superbowl we gave the boys a bath together ( which we usually never do) and all of us had so much fun together. Xander thinks its so funny to kick his legs since the baby does and he throws water on everyone and laughs so hard. On a usual night Jimmy walks out of the bathroom with his clothes just soaked (that is the bonding thing between daddy and Xander, a bath every night. It's their time together). Anyway while washing to kids hair (Jimmy washing Xander and me washing Maddys) we both got the same idea at the same time. So here is our new form of entertainment for the family.

Xander Alfalfa

Maddy Alfalfa