Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pictures on the way home

Pictures of Maddox

The Miracle of Maddox Thomas Edward Allen

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to post all of this. For all of you that do not know the whole story here it is. I went in to the hospital on Monday for an induction because they were worried about my fluid levels and also about the hypertension, and everything went well for a while. The epidural didn't even really hurt my contractions were doing well and everything was moving. The resident came in about 11:30 and checked to see if she could break my water to help thing along faster and when she went to pop it she said that his head moved up a little so she wanted to wait to make sure that the cord would not present first. They waited until 1:30 and they broke my water ans things went from there. As things went on I noticed that his heart rate was dropping with every contraction and I felt the contraction before it showed on the monitor so I call me nurse. She came in and said that things still looked good but they wanted to put an internal contraction monitor in for more accuracy and when she check another nurse came to help. While checking she looked up and told the nurse that she had a hand full of cord and the other nurse ran and pushed a call button on the wall. I asked what that ment and she said that it could mean a C-section I then told her that I really did not want one of those and I asked if they could just push it back in and she told me that I was not dilated enough. Then She jumped on my bed 12 other people ran in my room and before Jimmy really even realized what was going on I was being run down the hallway. On the way they ran me into a wall and then got me on the table asked if i could feel anything I said No and I guess when Jimmy walked in I was already open and they were trying to take the baby out. I started to feel things and so they gave me some morphine and I heard him cry and then I was out. I guess I slept for about 45 min and when I woke up they were stitching me up. I did however say to my doctor " Dr. Epstein since you are already there and I am open there is some excess fat do you think that you could just suck some out and help me out a little?" He then told me that he was ignoring me and to go back to sleep. After everything was over I asked to see the baby and the answer changed from he will be up in your room shortly to he will be staying in the NICU all week. I did go and see him Monday night the nures called me a freak of nature because about an hour after I was taken to maternity I was in the NICU with him and I went every day at least 3 times. We heard about the pneumothorax on Monday and we were just waiting for him to heal and they said that everything should only take a few days so we waited. When I was with him on Tuesday he was fine and I left because i had a visitor upstairs and I guess when I put him down he started to cry and would not stop and that made the pneumo worse. By Wednesday night he had a head box for oxygen and a chest tube in. Because the pneumo had gotten bigger it allowed some air to get out and make an air pocket between his lung and chest wall, because of that he could not fully expand his lungs and all the avioli in his lungs collapsed. After a short time he was placed on a oscillating ventilator and a PICC line was inserted because of all the problems they had with his veins. They started having a hard time getting blood from him so they did also put in an ART line. We were told by the neonatologist and the pediatrician to stay optimistic but they did not know if he was going to make it or if he did how long it would take him to fully recover. He all the sudden started to slowly get better and after many chest x-rays the chest tube was pulled on Saturday and after that everything just picked up from there. The Vent was pulled on Sunday and aswell as the ART line, and the PICC was pulled on Monday and from there it went all the way up. On Tuesday he started taking everything by mouth and breast feeding well and we got the call on that he could come home on Thursday. He came home Thursday and everything has gone really well. We will keep everyone up dated on everything but things have gone well. We did let Xander hold him and he loves him, he has kissed him like every 5 min and tried to share everything with him. We are so proud of our boys and we think everything will be great.