Friday, August 24, 2012

The Schooling Begins

Hello Again

Again it has been so so so long. Things are changing so much in our house hold. Xander is going to his first year in school ever so we figured Kindergarten was a good place to start. Maddy is going to Head start and I am going back to school. I am registered for 12 units at Slcc and I am doing it all online this semester just to see how long it takes to get our bearings and then we'll see what happens from then on out. I am super excited about it I an super nervous though. It has been a very stressful process getting ready for school and we are not even there yet. Xander starts September 4th and Maddy starts (if he gets in) the week later. My term has already started and its so overwhelming but I think it will be good. Jimmy is working at Harmons and loving it he has made some amazing friends and is looking forward to moving up to an assistant position. This year so far has gone by so much better then the last. It feels like it is the right time for it to be working out. I am  working on my weight and working out 4 days a week in the pool. I go to 2 hours a night Monday through Thursday and Jimmy is so sweet to work with me and help me as much as he can and so he feeds the boys dinner and puts them down every night im there. The boys start soccer actually tomorrow. Maddy broke his leg on a trampoline so he can play his first game but he can hopefully play the next. He gets his cast off on Wednesday of this week after 3 weeks or trying to be so good and so patient. One night as I was finishing dinner for them before I left for class I looked out the front door and I see the boys spraying the nasty Weber water hose at each other. Now normally it wouldn't be an issue but Maddys cast is supposed to stay "clean and dry". And this episode was after the 4 times scraping it all the way down trying to come out of the tree he had climbed. I am so glad that this cast thing is almost over. We will post more pictures of soccer and the cast soon I am using my new computer thanks to my dad and Jen and I dont have any pictures on it yet. But for sure I am looking forward to the future and I am so excited that for the first time in a long time we are doing something all together as a family and not just staying stagnant.......So good luck to us.


Harris Family said...

Darci you are doing amazing things!! That is a big load- but you can do it!!! Im so glad you have a good computer to do school on. It will be such a great thing for your family when you are finished. Miss you guys- Ill say a prayer for you that you can do it all !! :)

The Allen's said...

Thanks Ape! We miss you guys too and totally could use the prayers. This year will be crazy but I think it will be good too. I saw your family vaca and that so much fun what you go to do. Hopefully we can meet up and do something maybe over spring break for me and all the kids. We have been saying that for almost 2 years now but we have to actually do it for sure. We were talking about you and Robert the other day and we were wondering if you were going to have any more kids or if you were done? I know totally random and if you dont want to answer dont but we were thinking about having more and the thought just came. Love you and hope to talk to you soon.